Underwater sound speed Netcdf calculator

Petros Bitsikokos (a), Ioannis Bitsikokos (b)
(a) Military oceanographer (OF-1), Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service, 229 Av. Mesogeion TGN 1040, Cholargos, pmpitsikokos@gmail.com;
(b) Software Engineer, independent researcher, 14 Agnoston Martiron st. Nea Smirni, Athens Greece, jmpitsikokos@gmail.com

The paper describes and presents preliminary results of a Netcdf Transformer tool, developed under java environment, for calculating and producing underwater Sound Speed Netcdf files. This study has been conducted using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information (CMEMS). By combining distinct Salinity and Temperature Netcdf data output from CMEMS, a compatible with low end machines Netcdf calculator is created, suitable for “at sea” calculations of the underwater sound speed. The calculations performed are based on Mackenzie (1981) 9 term formula for underwater sound speed. Products of the calculator are depicted in results. The soundscape / acoustic environment of the area bounded by 36N to 42N and Prime Meridian to 009E is calculated, with the distinct halo-clinic fronts of the area in mind. As input data, monthly mean hind casted average salinity and temperature data are selected for a period of 12 months. The calculator input data are the salinity and temperature Netcdf data outputs of Mediterranean Sea physical reanalysis component (product MEDSEA_REANALYSIS_PHYS_006_004), as made available by CMEMS. The output is a single Netcdf sound speed data file, plotted using NASA’s Panoply software. The use of the calculator, permits the production of Military Oceanography (MILOC) related products, thus allowing the comprehensive and robust identification of the soundscape, therefore directly enhances the Environmental Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness (EKOE) principle for all level commands.

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by Panourgias Siderakos

A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of M.Sc. (Oceanography) by instructional course


Πλωτάρχης Χρήστος Καστρίσιος ΠΝ Δρ. Λύσανδρος Τσούλος
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Function of Water Clarity 29/05/2015

Lt Georgios Georgopoulos,
Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service,