Copyright and Licencing


The Hellenic Navy  Hydrographic Service (HNHS) owns the rights over all hydrographic, enviromental and other geospatial data and information associated with the maritime space, which the Service has collected, processed and stored. This data & information includes the content of the HNHS products, like the Nautical Charts and Publications in analog and digital format.

Distribution and Use Policy

The HNHS can distribute its data, products and expertise to public and private entities, under specific agreement-partnership.

Offered Products and Services

Targeting to maximize the benefit for potential partners/ clients, the Hydrographic Service offers the following options:

    1. Resale License of the HNHS printed products (Nautical Charts & Publications)  
    2. HNHS printed products (Nautical Charts & Publications) content Usage License (for the purpose of creating derived products  for non-SOLAS vessels)
    3. HNHS Digital Products (S-57ed.3.1.1 files, electronic nagivation system files, other cartographic entities in shape file format, etc) Usage Licence (for the purpose of creating derived products-non SOLAS vessels)
    4. Upon request, to conduct Hydrographic and Safety of Navigation Field Surveys and Studies
    5. Upon request, HNHS data provision (sounding charts, sea level information, etc), under specific security/classification terms and conditions.


 Any request and/or application for cooperation/ partnership/ data provision, must be submitted to the HNHS after the completion of the relative application form.

The requests/ applications submitted, will be reviewed, evaluated, processed by the relative HNHS department. Following the HNHS Director final approval, the department in charge proceeds with the drafting of the cooperation/ partnership/ data provision agreement .

Find below the relevant application forms, as well as draft agreement templates.


Nautical Charts & Publications Resale Lisence Application Form

Nautical Charts & Publications Resale Lisence Generic Agreement



Nautical Charts & Publications Content Usage License Application Form (for the purpose of creating derived products)


Survey & Study Request or/and Geospatial / Environmental Data Provision Application Form


 HNHS ENC S-57 files Usage License Application Form (for the purpose of creating derived products)