Hydrographic – Oceanographic Vessel NAFTILOS

Hydrographic – Oceanographic Vessel NAFTILOS

A steel vessel with the following characteristics:

Displacement: 1400 tn.
Lenght / Width / Draft : 63,2 m. / 11,6 m. / 4 m.
Speed: 12 kts
Range: 6000 n.m.
Propulsion: Two Burmeister&Wein 5S8LH (2x1200HP) - One shaft with a variable pitch propeller
Bow Thruster: Schottel-Werft S-152 LSV (Rotational)
Generators: Three MWM TBD 601-6 (3x325 KVA) and one MWM TD 266-6 (120 KVA)
Crew: 6 Officers, 35 Petty Officers

Hydrographic systems
Multibeam Sonar Seabat 7160
Sound Velocity Profiler SVPlus

Oceanographic systems
Side Scan Sonar GeoAcoustics
Sub Bottom Profiler GeoChirp
Conductivity – Temperature – Depth Meter Ocean Seven 310
Ocean Water Sampler (NANSEN Bottles)
Current Meters ADCP and RCM – 4
Seabed Samplers, Core Samplers

Position sensors
Real Time Kinematics Computer Applanix POS MV
DGPS Base Stations Trimbe R9S and Ashtech Proflex 800

Hydrographic boats
One 5 tn. trimaran boat equipped with:
Multibeam Sonar Seabat Τ-20P
Real Time Kinematics Computer Applanix POS MV