Hydrographic – Oceanographic Vessel NAFTILOS

Hydrographic – Oceanographic Vessel NAFTILOS

A steel vessel with the following characteristics:

Tonnage 1400 Τ, Length 63 m, Width 11.6 m, Draft 4 m

Speed 11/13 knots, radius of action 6000 nautical miles

Crew: 6 Officers, 9 Junior Officers, and 24 Five-Year Service Reserve Officers

Built in 1976

Propulsion 2Χ1200HP BURMEISTER & WEIN 5S8 LH Engines and one (1) tailshaft

MWM DIESEL TBD 601-6, 3Χ325 KVA motor engines, and MWM TD 266-6, 1X120 KVA emergency motor engines

Oceanographic systems

Oceanographic winch, CSTD winch, NANSEN bottles, CSTD SBE 911 and SBE 19, Sub Bottom Profiler and Geoacoustics side scan sonar echo-sounders, samplers, core samplers, AANDERA current meters, Undulators, BENTHOS releases and satellite imaging station

Hydrographic systems

Multibeam Simrad EM 1002 echo-sounder, single-beam Atlas Deso 20 and 25 echo-sounders, GPS/LRK/EGNOS receiver, DGPS Seatex Sea Path 200 receiver, Neptune and Hypack 8.9 Max (hydrographic data collection and processing software), Geoacoustics side scan sonar (SSS) echo-sounder, SVPLUS sound speed detector.

Hydrographic boats

The vessel was equipped with two (2) hydrographic boats which were withdrawn as they became obsolete. The supply of a new hydrographic boat is in progress