Organizational Chart

The basic components of the HNHS are the staff, the vessels, the independent hydrographic-topographic and oceanographic teams, the printing office, the Athens and Piraeus selling points, the  National Tide Gauge Network  and the warehouses.

The NAVTEX operational room, the cartographic archive compartment and HNHS library are located in the HNHS staff headquarters.


Currently the HNHS comprises 7 directorates and independent offices.

The head of the HNHS is the Director, and the staff consists of the Deputy Director, the Divisions of Hydrography,  Digital Cartography, CartographyOceanography, Safety of Navigation, Technical Assistance and LogisticsComputer Center and the independent offices.

The Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service is constantly evolving, in line with modern developments and technology. The new organizational structure is expected to be implemented in 2015 and involves creating a more compact and flexible, efficient, effective and less bureaucratic structure. The new structure will be based on the main activities of the HS (collecting field data, creating products, ensuring safe navigation, providing support).

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