Hydrographic Survey of Volos Harbor

27/11/2023 - 12:47
The Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service composed the Littoral Survey Unit (LSU), in order to conduct hydrographic surveys and acquire data from Harbors, or part of them, areas of confined waters such as channels and/or lakes etc.
The LSU is equipped with next generation high fidelity multi beam, as well as high accuracy positioning systems and Topography Drone. 

In the framework of its new capabilities HNHS from 17 to 20 of October 2023 conducted Littoral Survey with the LSU at the Harbor of Volos. The purpose of the survey was to depict the seabed after the disastrous floods (Daniel and Elias) in order to allow the extraction of conclusions regarding the effects of the physical phenomena and the corrective actions that need to be taken  from local authorities.  

 Volos 2023 4


Volos 2023 1 Volos 2023 2


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