Our Organization

The Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service (HNHS) is the official hydrographic organization of Greece. It is an independent agency of the Hellenic Navy (HN), based in Attica and accountable directly to the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff. It has its own seal and emblem, which are used in all its publications.

HNHS personnell represents the country at the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), participating in its conferences, committees and working groups, as well as participates in various international civilian and military organizations, on matters related to its work and mission.


The purpose of HNHS is to study the Greek and the adjacent seas, coasts and ocean, the navigation conditions, to contribute to the development and the promotion of the sciences and arts related to navigation, hydrography, oceanography, shipping and maritime meteorology.

The mission of the HNHS includes, among other things, the composition and production of nautical charts and publications, as well as the creation of products that result from studying the parameters of the marine environment, the development of geosciences (hydrography, topography, oceanography, geography) and the science of navigation.
More specifically, the HNHS collects, processes and uses information and data to generate products and services related to Hydrography, Naval Cartography, Marine and Military Oceanography in order to:
- support and meet the operational requirements of the HN and National Defense, in general, on matters that fall under its competence;
- contribute to the safety of seafarers in Greek and neighboring seas;
- protect the marine environment;
- contribute to the growth of the economy of the country's islands;
- assist and support, where required, public services, legal and natural persons, and private entities in their work.

The Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service is a government agency that has exclusive competence and certification to draw up, publish, supplement and correct the official navigational charts of Greece and their updates, as well as to publish, supplement and correct official nautical publications.
Moreover, the HNHS publishes in printed and/or electronic format, navigational aids and instructions, notices, messages and announcements, wave forecasts and oceanographic information, contributing to the promotion and development of shipping and navigation safety.
Lastly, the HNHS is the National Coordinator for the management and operation of NAVTEX Service, in accordance with national and international law and practice.