Hydrographic – Oceanographic Vessel PYTHEAS

Hydrographic – Oceanographic Vessel PYTHEAS

A steel vessel with the following characteristics:

Displacement: 697,26 tn.
Lenght / Width / Draft : 50,17 m. / 9,6 m. / 3,35 m.
Speed: 10/13,7 kts
Range: 5300 n.m.
Propulsion: Two GENERAL MOTORS 12-567 ATL (2x900ΒHP) - Two tailshafts.
Generators: MWM TD 232-V12 (2x225 KVA) and one MWM D 226-4(1 x 35 KVA)
Crew: 6 Officers, 30 Petty Officers

Hydrographic systems
Single-beam Laz Elac 721 echo-sounder

Oceanographic systems
Tow fish side scan sonar echo-sounder (S.S.S. Klein 595)
Conductivity – Temperature – Depth Meter CSTD SBE 911 and SBE 19
Sub Bottom Profiler and Geoacoustics side scan sonar echo-sounders
Ocean Water Sampler (NANSEN Bottles)
AANDERA Current Meters
Seabed Samplers, Core Samplers
BENTHOS releases
Satellite imaging station

Position sensors
GPS/LRK/EGNOS (Aquarius 5002) receiver

Hydrographic boats
One boat equipped with:
Multibeam Simrad EM 2000 echo-sounder
Single-beam ODOM echo-sounder
DGPS positioning system (Seatex Sea Path 2000)