Hydrographic Vessel STRAVON

Hydrographic Vessel STRAVON

A steel vessel with the following characteristics:

Displacement:252 tn.
Lenght:32,72 m.
Width:6,10m. (After sponsors 7.00 m)
Speed:9,6/12,7 kts
Propulsion:MAN D 2842 LE V12, 2Χ600HP power engines and two tailshafts
Generators:MAN D 0226 MTE, 2X100 KVA motor engines, and MAN D 0226 ME, 1Χ44 KVA emergency motor engines
Crew:5 Officers, 22 Petty Officers

Hydrographic Systems
Single-beam E-Sea Sound 206 (Marimatech) echo-sounder, GPS FURUNO GP-80, receiver, single-beam LazElac 721 echo-sounder, Hypack9A(hydrographic data collection and processing software), Sidescan Sonar.

Position Sensors
Real Time Kinematics Computer Applanix POS MV
Ashtech Proflex 500

Hydrographic Boats
One Hydrographic boat with the following characteristics
Tonnage 8 Τ,
Length 13.7 m,
Width 4.1 m,
Draft 1.2 m
Speed 12.5 knots,
Radius of action 120 nautical miles
Crew: 3 Officers, 3 Junior Officers and hydrographic crew of 3 or 4 persons
Built in 1987
Hydrographic systems
Multibeam SEABAT 7125 echo-sounder, single-beam Atlas Deso 25 echo-sounder,) receiver, Hypack 9A (hydrographic data collection and processing software).