The Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service (HNHS) participates in the International Maritime Exhibition Posidonia, for the third consecutive time. This is a first class forum to promote the Service's important hydrographic work, activities and cartographic projects and highlights HNHS significant role in the safety of navigation, marine research and protection of the marine environment.

Throughout its 100 years of uninterrupted history, HNHS has succeeded in being considered one of the top hydrographic services worldwide, recognised for its high quality products and services,  worthy of the country's top class mercantile marine.

The Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service informs mariners that:

1. The Catalogue of Nautical Charts and Nautical Publications, edition 15, 2014, has been printed, published and is in sale in both the Sales point  and the E-shop.

2. The previous edition 14, 2007 is, therefore, out of sale